Get involved

Being a small club, and hosting a bi-annual international event SHYC is always open and welcoming of any support.

Why not become a member
For the small membership fee, you will have access to the great sailing conditions around St Helena, and use of the club house facilities (including club boats) right on the seafront.  Allowing you can go sailing all year round, whenever you desire.  The club also hosting special sailing days and events throughout the year.  The club is made up of a mixture of age ranges, which provides for socializing with a large number of different interests.

No manner how small, the club welcomes donation of any kind.  Be it equipment or simply time, as a small club trying to generate an increase in sailing on the island, help of any kind is greatly appreciated.  A lot of Saints do donate their time to helping the club in small ways, and without this assistance club tasks would be far harder.

The Governor's Cup Yacht Race provides an ideal platform for your business.  With it's exposure on the island and in Cape Town, it showcases the best of the island - it's people and their friendly nature.  Being a race with a focus on family, and having a generally friendly time,  this relaxed atmosphere allows you direct access to the competitors.  Also due to the time of the year, the race is the only major event on the island in January, thus it commands a focus in the attention of the island.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities further please contact us